With Royal Plate it’s really easy to make a plaque for funeral hoods, thanks to our software you will be guided through the composition process. Below we have put some illustrations to make you understand the “Modus operandi” of the Royal Plate software.

The idea is to offer the end user, an almost automated program that allows him to make a license plate in a few minutes without having any training both computer and graphics. Anyone with Royal Plate can make eye-catching graphics with simple mouse gestures.

With Royal Plate you will offer your customers a state-of-the-art product and service, which allows you to customize a cold plaque engraved in an elegant accessory that enhances the funeral hood.

Elaboration step by step

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Home Page

At the start of Royal Plate Software, the home page directs the user to start with the chosen plate

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Wizard Process

Once the layout of the license plate has been chosen, the guided implementation process starts, Insert the name of the deceased, the dates of birth and death

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Choose the photo

After the clic of "next" , insert the photo!

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Continuing with the guided process, we can insert an aphorism or a personalized phrase.

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By clicking on "end", we close ours and enter the page for processing and editing Royal Plate

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Here you can change font, font size and color, you can add an image or change the layout of the elements

Just one click

Below we have inserted a video showing the various compositions that can be made with the elements of the license plate, moving them with a simple click of the mouse

Download DEMO

You can evaluate the Royal Plate program by downloading the DEMO version. The Software is available in PC and MAC versions.


Minimum system requirements:
Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 system
Intel or AMD 64-bit processor (x64)
2 Gb RAM (recommended 4 Gb)
500 Mb of free space on HD
Framework .NET 4.6 (if not present it auto installs)


Minimum system requirements:
System 10.7 or higher
Intel 64-bit processor (x64)
2 Gb RAM (recommended 4 Gb)
500 Mb of free space on HD